Guilt and exclusion are all forms of bullying

What sort of surprises is how much guilt we allow, we put up with. Just like in the bullying industry, there needs to be 2 to make it work. The giver and the receiver ; the responsibility for change is on both sides and once again I have to say, it's probably the receiver who has the best chance of achieving change. How much then does the bullied or recipient of the guilt trip want change or just stay complaining . Ugh, responsibilty and leadership; maturity and energy based on positive self esteem!

We hear about someone doing something but we were not invited, we have a choice, feel shitty, complain to others or, make contact and ask to be included. Every chance when putting the best foot forward of changing the status quo!

It is all about how much you want, I want, to be involved on my outcomes, spectator or participant. Often it is not easy when we have allowed ourselves to deflate BUT it has to stat somewhere.

Join the blog, contribute, argue but be heard!

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