You have to be ready for the process - we work hand in glove with you, read the testimonial on this site, this lass put up with, felt ill with, worried over and stressed for 2 years.

If only she took effective action earlier. So much 'down-time' at home and at work, with family and friends worrying about the next day at work!

She though she had taken the appropriate action, she had spoken to her managers and HR, they just didn't get it done - 2 years! She is now in a positive relationship with the person who bullied her for two years - believe it!

Do you still feel confident in yourself to proceed -

this is our first piece of work together.

House in order

Is there a need to collect data, prepare you then move forward..

Settle it down

What do they say, 'he who throws the first stone ....."

Clean up your act

Lets make sure first thing that you are acting appropriately

Bullying interview -
00:00 / 00:00

It is your life and you deserve to love it -
fix it now, give me a buzz, don't put up with bad behaviour that makes you feel bad.

Rex Buckingham


Talk to me directly: 0407827173

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tell me your story confidentially

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