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It is our belief that this topic of bullying is not about good or bad people.

That it can occur top down or bottom up or between peers.

That it is more often not addressed quickly enough.

Too many people leave a position because of it.

People do not take a new position because of the behaviour of the manager they would work with

Too many people are allowed to continue bad behaviour because they are

        too important to the organisation - they might leave if their behaviour is addressed

        the manager lacks either the skills or the 'guts' to address it

        the staff member does not adequately bring the behaviour to the notice of influence

        the staff member does not believe they will be believed

        the staff member does not believe it will be fixed

        the staff member believes they could be worse off if they do report

 Every day an individual is harassed or bullied they depreciate themselves - they bring illness to themselves

If it is to be fixed,
the remedy will start with the person experiencing the behaviour not the person delivering it!

That is where we can help YOU - seize the day, suck in the uncertainty, take the first step!

The initial consultation is free, then you make your decision how you want to proceed.

About our thinking


It is your life and you deserve to love it -
fix it now, give me a buzz, don't put up with bad behaviour that makes you feel bad.

Rex Buckingham


Talk to me directly: 0407827173

Email: [email protected]  
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